Window Displays

'Chrissy O by Warhol' as imagined by us when the Andy Warhol Exhibition was in town 2013 by our fabulous staff member Estelle Stroud 
ANZAC Day 2014
Lela Jacobs after creating her paper masterpiece
Valentines Day 'Call Me x' by artist Who Killed Dead Martin
Another Valentines window! 'Maneater!'
Fabulous NIta Henry leather wedding outfit we acquired for sale... needed its own window obviously!
Window by Daniel Betham
Christmas in 2015 'A Gifted MInd'-  Can you believe we didn't win the xmas window competition! We had planned a staff xmas party on a boat with our $500 winnings we never got.

Jacinda Ardern as Botticelli's Birth of Venus during the elections 2017...
And then after when we didn't win by a landslide! 
Christmas window with Ab Lincoln promoting peace.. 2015. He has Peace written all over his face in gold but you are unable to see this here. 
LEV(eyes)'s Jeans 2016
First ever Cuba Dupa 2015 with a matching Chrissy O shutting up shop for the night window assembled by Estelle Stroud and painted background by Xoe Hall
Inspired by the great Comme des Garcons Rei Kawakubo 
Quote from 1970s punk photographer........ We were visited by none other than Mario Testino when we had this display up. He was a big fan of..... and made us sell him the ex-libary book we had on our counter that was NOT for sale!
Handbag bullseye dart board with hand-painted vintage leather bags by Xoë Hall
Rachel Long from The Neighbourhood Studio- installation window. Rachel moved her retro weaving machine into the shop and worked during the days creating stunning bespoke items.
1980s punk rock! 
Space monkey Kenneth done in collab with Lela Jacobs.... someone shoplifted the taxidermy white chicken from the window! Not COOL!
David Bowie 'Your place or my place' 2012
Farewell window to our absolute favorite Mighty Mighty 
Black and white- art deco -female power couple glam!
Lela Jacobs 'The Keep' 2013
New Years window, inspired by a 1950s Vogue fortune tellers photoshoot  
Fever Hotel Valentines day window 2019
A Merry Margiela Christmas by Estelle Stroud