Third Floor - a w.w.a.h exhibition

Third Floor  - a w.w.a.h exhibition, marks Will Hadwen’s debut public presentation since completing his MFA in experimental video and photographic installation at Massey University, Wellington in 2017.


Hosted by Hunters and Collectors, this multi faceted exhibition can be viewed from 5 - 30 April 2019. An exploratory body of work, it features works created from a variety of media, all stemming from a photographic basis.


Urban nightscapes, abstracted spaces, hints of science fiction, strange states and potentialities.


With many of the works made from recycled materials, a study of human trace emerges - documenting the life present in what we leave behind. Characters emerge in these environments as we find familiarity and strangeness in inanimate objects and settings.


These works play on a displacement of the familiar, acting as windows or portals into what could be memories or worlds similar to our own.

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  • Maxine Macaulay

    Loved this exhibition! Amazing concept <3

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