The T-shirt: Cult, culture and subversion


Hunters and Collectors of Cuba Street in collaboration with Gina Kiel would like to invite you to join in with our collective November exhibition…

The T-shirt: Cult, culture and subversion

An exhibition of New Zealand artist produced t-shirts that explore the theme of the t-shirt and its power to influence and express oneself!

The t-shirts social-political power has developed over decades and works as a basic way of telling the world who and what you are…. Meaning the personal is politicised.

 We have a collection of over 20 different New Zealand artists, who with this theme in mind have produced one off t-shirts all for sale.

Artist list:

Serval Fandango, Burning Muses, Ink Pen $85

Otis Chamberlain, Pleasant Disposition, stencil/silk screen, $66.60

Xoë Hall, "FUCK YOU PAY ME", Embroidery on Vinyl, $150

Samwise Lee, Join or Die and Medusa, screen print and ink, $100

Monster Valley by Toni Gill, Original Artwork, hand screen-printed by Raw Power Print $65

Who is Dead Martin?, Toujours, screen printed and embroided, $135

JPalm, Half n Half Tee, dyed and screen printed, $125

Larissa McMillan, Bleach by Nirvana, cotton bed sheet, bleach and spray paint, $65

Mica Still, Let Woman Be Mad, heat set ink hand painted, $145

Benjamin Dover, Satans Seepage, aerosol, NFS

Zoe Ella ,Sin, Sex and Subversion in the age of Instagram : From Taboo to a new normal ,paint & Embroidery, $95

Becca O’shea, To the moooon and back again, laundry marker, $65

T.wei, Yunikōn, Fabric paint on, $200

Milarky, Method of Resistance, Organic Cotton screen printed, $95

Oliver Morse, Swimming in Mesopotamia, paint marker, $90

Sam Norton, I Used to Feel Sexy, screen printed, $95
Jamie Mackman, Lonely = Sassy As F**k, paint marker, $90

Pinky Fang, Untitled, fabric paint pen, $120

Nathan T, Sulfur / Earth / Leviathan, Plastisol screen, black T shirt, aroma molecules, ethanol,  $100 (T shirt comes with a 5ml bottle of the Sulfur Scent)

Nope Sisters clothing, Enough Said, hand embroidered, $100

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