Scenic Reserve by George Turner


Hunters and Collectors presents the third, solo exhibition from George Turner!

After two sold out shows in 2019 and 2020, George has been hard at work this past year on Scenic Reserve and other private projects. This latest exhibition shows his growth and continuous, technical developments. 
Scenic Reserve - 1/5 stills from animation
George Turners new exhibition Scenic Reserve (2021) is a digitally charged analysis of Aotearoa and it's diminishing forested landscapes. The work unpacks the intersection between past, present and future in order to invigorate an idea of collective responsibility over individual guilt.
Scenic reserve simultaneously discusses colonial destruction and climate change to show how the present is intertwined with past and future. Using a combination of animation, AI, photogrammetry and AR, Scenic Reserve is the culmination of Turner's previous works as they continue to explore ecological narratives
A single Flight 1/3 Limited editions $1895

Voyage 1/3 LimitedEditions $1895

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