RULES OF THE GAME is an ongoing series, exploring the relationships between language and the access to understanding. Taking the familiar forms of the Latin alphabet, the works distort and translate letters into unfamiliar and vague shapes - presenting moments of abstract beauty and misleading visuals that pull us away from their true meaning, questioning how language can be used intentionally to mislead, beguile, and decieve, while remaining familiar and innocent.
GUY MORAIS is a visual artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, having studied philosophy and political science at Victoria University and currently completing a BFA at Massey University.
Crenellations Oil on Canvas 500 x 500mm $1,100 SOLD
Coming Together Oil on Canvas 500 x 500mm $1,100
We’re not so different, you and I. Oil on Canvas 500 x 500mm $1,100 SOLD
Going Together Oil on Canvas 500 x 500mm $1,100
The Playing Field Oil on Canvas 920 x 840mm $2,250
Singularity II Oil on Canvas 300 x 250mm $450
Singularity I Oil on Canvas 300 x 250mm $450 SOLD
Crossroads Oil on Canvas 350 x 300mm $500 SOLD

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