REFURBISH // Aria McInnes, Jelly O' Shea and Louisa Beatty

A group exhibition by Aria McInnes, Louisa Beatty and Jelly O’Shea.
REFURBISH speaks to the department store window displays of the past, whilst tempting you with the absurd of today. REFURBISH is the result of playful experimentation by three Wellington artists through their exploration of furniture, interior design and objects that often - but not always circumvent function.
By referencing the post-war economic expansion of the 1950’s alongside current day consumerism and aesthetic-driven lifestyles; REFURBISH seeks to provide you with everything you don’t need.
Jelly is a contemporary jeweller & artist who works from the studio NEITHER Project on Courtenay Place, Wellington. Originally from Otepoti, she is now based in Te Whanganui- a–Tara. Jelly is interested in D.I.Y, deviant & non-conformist subcultures that reflect diversity, depth and authenticity. Jelly makes things in order seek control over a micro-environment in an attempt to be less overwhelmed by the wild, throbbing patriarchal world of humankind.
Louisa’s practice engages in the process of sourcing and repurposing found materials. The ‘REFURBISH’ series draws its sculptural forms from mundane domestic objects and reworks their integrity through a playful misuse of materials, confusing the logic of their design. The composition of these works takes an ad-hoc approach to creating unique, solutions based installations.
Aria McInnes, based in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara. Aria is an artist-come-secretary, deeply invested in the performance of authenticity through film and television. Aria believes furniture is important because it says a lot about taste - which is important because it says about about sophistication - which is important because it says a lot about competency - which is very useful as both an artist, and a secretary.

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