OCCDD by Megan Valentine

OCCDDD is interested in creatively exploring the inner workings and complexities of mental health. Specifically surrounding their personal embodied experience as well as social misconceptions of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 
OCCDDD is a 5 and a half year project in which the artist documents and reflects on their life with OCD though dreamy, surreal line drawings, text and paintings on a daily basis. 
This process of making the intangible tangible is a helpful tool not only for the artist to gain a better understanding of their own mental health, but a helpful way for audiences to gain a deeper understanding of OCD. 
For the first public exhibition of this body of work, framed paintings and diaristic drawings are presented. Working with humour and honesty discussing anxieties, bodies, relationships, and day to day stupid shit.
Find Megan on Instagram for her full body of works! @OCCDDD

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