'Monarch Repurposed' provides a slower approach to garment construction. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an inability to relentlessly consume and so forced upon us the need to live within our bubbles and only acquire essentials. This exhibition explores innovative methods of garment construction within the scope of this new world we are living in; incorporating scraps, second hand, damaged and repurposed materials into the work featured. 
This pandemic has taught us that, alike to a butterfly, we are living in a cycle of change. ‘Monarch Repurposed’ embodies this change and so provides an opportunity to harness what we have around us. As Mariah Carey once said, ‘Spread your wings and prepare to fly, for you have become a Butterfly’.
Caitlin Snell is a Wellington based Fashion Designer. She will be graduating from Massey University in April of this year with a Bachelor of Design with Honours, First Class Honours in Fashion Design. A large influence in her current design style is the Coronavirus Pandemic we are all experiencing and the impact it has on clothing today. This was the inspiration behind Caitlin's last collection ‘Digital Pandemic’ of which she  received ‘The Fabric Warehouse Design & Innovation’ Graduate Award for. From here Caitlin wants to continue her work with damaged, second-hand and waste materials, to provide unique pieces for the conscious consumer. 


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