ICONS by Stanley Manthing

ICONS a glittery portrait exhibition of ... ICONS!!

Stanley Manthing has been creating glitter artworks for over 30 years- since his beginnings in the club and drag scene in New York in the 1980s.
He is based in Whanagnui, New Zealand and this is his latest exhibition of photorealistic portraits, done entirely out of glitter!
Artworks are based on iconic photographs, which have then been carefully painted to the same likeness on to the canvas, then glitter applied with great detail on top.
These icons have all been selected for their personal influence they had over the artist during his lifetime... Who speaks to you?!
Please inquire if you wish to purchase any of the un-sold artworks. We can list them on the website for sale, with afterpay and laybys available! 
Bowie and Debbie Harry 
Keith Richards and RuPaul
Lana Del Ray and Burt Reynolds
Grace Jones
Amy Winehouse and Devine
Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin
Die Antwoord
And some photos from the extravagana opening!
Robbie wearing the same dress as in her glitter portrait.. photo taken in New York in the mid 1980s.. she still fits it! 
Miss Ribena our host for the event
Totally packed all the way down the stairs!
Artist Stanley Manthing and friend/muse Robbie!

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