I Long For Network Spirituality by Remilia Collective

Remilia is an institution. Remilia, is a self-organization. Remilia is a lifestyle brand. Remilia, is a master-planned community. Remilia is an investment fund. Remilia is an artist's colony.
Remilia is a crowdfunded video game. Remilia is an autonomous smart contract. Remilia is an independent record label. Remilia is a community center for the digital village. Remilia is a manifesto. Remilia will save the internet.
We are an embodiment — We're God's little warriors, We're network kommandos. We're whitepilled. We're lawyered up, in the court of clout. Nothing we can do can be cringe, except when it is and then we don't care, we don't care. We're live laugh lovers, and we put all our points into karma, charm and beauty. We're cDJs, we're fashion models, we're microdosers, and supplement freaks. We're lindy, we're Wired, we're Not in Employment Education or Training. We're viral cryptoxillionaires. We don't have to try. We're the new art.
And so we self-organized into Remilia.
FodCom and Chensi Fang are Video artists, being displayed on CRT TV and Projection respectively.
Mara Barl, Ilyena Nienel, Atrpntime and Milady Sonora are Digital Painters/Illustrators, working across Physical mediums and a variety of digital paint softwares, presented as a selection of about 40 prints.
Wretched Worm is presenting an Art Table, Featuring a few prints, as well as Physical Sculpture and T Shirts.

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