AFTER THOUGHT: Robbie Motion and Hugo Van Dorsser

Employing experience from their history in creating artwork's for album covers and posters, as well as a degree in Art History Motion's practice has become primarily interested in the relationship between the aesthetic elements of composition and the viewers gaze.
By combining multiple styles and forms each work explores the idea that the aesthetic qualities of an image can be used to create a dialogue between the work and the viewer. Ultimately, Motion’s work looks to transparency in a attempt that this will create a strong sense of familiarity and understanding between the work and the viewer.
Hugo van Dorsser chose Dunedin as his base after graduating in 2016 with a degree in Communication Art & Design from the Design and Arts College (Christchurch); where in his final Year was awarded ‘Student of the Year’. One of Dunedin’s new-breed artists, Hugo’s work has a unique and personal aesthetic. It is his take on a ‘moment in time’ depicted through mixed mediums. He tells an entropic story of chaos in human nature, living in the city environment and struggles with mental illness. Hugo’s work aims to create an emotional response from the viewer based on how they see it, through what is happening in their life.

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