NIDUS furniture by Andrew Missen

Wellington furniture designer-maker Andrew Missen has created a show of one off pieces for us at Hunters and Collectors for the month of November.
Image:  Russell Kleyn


The steel chairs and tables are unique designs by Andrew Missen, who has created furniture for Seashore Cabaret, Maranui and other Wellington eateries as well as many custom pieces for clients he had through his shop NIDUS in Newtown. 

 Missen who is inspired by Eastern Europe; the workers, scrap metal and shipyards, designs with utilitarian, industrial and straight lines.

The leather seats are from scraps Missen acquired at a Japanese textile shop in Kilbirnie. The furniture is all handmade in Wellington, and every piece is different. 

For Missen it is very much ‘vive la difference’ because he makes all his furniture by hand and “it gets pretty boring making the same chair 150 times.” He likes the ‘roughness’ of the manually made look and deliberately hand painted the steel chairs so that the inevitable runs and brush marks would be visible. “Powder coating gives a much more sterile finish. I think people are a bit over the highly finished sterile look of a lot of interiors now. They are more into something that looks as if a real person [made it].”

Missen loves industrial lamps and has a large personal collection.. We have 2 customised ones for sale in this exhibition.

Tall metal lamp $465

Handmade red steel and leather chairs $385

Handmade steel and oak veneer table $645

Red steel and black leather stools $285 each

Tall steel chairs with footrest $465

Handmade macracapa and ash timber metal frame tall table $1385


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